Child’s Empire Smock Cardigans

There are two versions, short-sleeved and long-sleeved. Suggested yarn is a self-patterning yarn.

Includes instructions for ages 2-13 years, sizes 22” to 32” chest.

Sizes: to fit chest / actual measurements
2-3 yrs (chest size 22”/56cm) / (23.75”/59cm)
4-5 yrs (chest size 24”/61cm) / (25.25”/64cm)
6-7 yrs (chest size 26”/66cm) / (27.25”/69cm)
8-9 yrs (chest size 28”/71cm) / (29.25”/74cm)
10-11 yrs (chest size 30”/76cm) / (31.25”/79cm)
12-13 yrs (chest size 32”/81cm) / (33”/84cm)

Yarn Requirements: Denim Tweed DK (186yd/50g)
Short Sleeved: 2 3,3,3,4,4 balls
Long Sleeved: 3 3,4,4,5,6 balls

Also suitable for other Sirdar DK-weight yarns.

Also needed:
3 buttons

Sirdar website link: Denim Tweed DK 2238